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Emma Brain
Events Host/EMCEE

Emma draws on years of experience and professionalism to be able to turn her hand to any kind of event hosting, from VIP awards ceremonies, gala dinners and summits, to days long events revolving around crypto, marketing, the web and much more. Emma is also one of the main hosts for Middle East Film and Comic Con where she moderates the celebrity panels, holds one on one interviews and interacts with the fans.
About Me

During the pandemic, many events swapped to being online interactions with audiences, which in itself could be challenging, but Emma is capable of hosting fully online, hybrid or live events.

About Me

Emma is energetic, engaging and entertaining, and using her journalistic and presenting experience, asks the key questions from her guests whilst moderating panels or doing one to one chats.

She’s worked with the likes of the Fantom Developers Conference, Middle East Film and Comic Con, CityScape, Gulf News, Middle East Electricity, Seamless, Nestle, Bloomberg, MadCon, VidCon, Internet 2.0, Marketing 2.0 and many more.

About Me
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