About Me

Emma Brain
Voice & Public Speaking Coach

Do you struggle with public speaking? Unsure of how to utilise your voice to command attention? Do you want to feel more confident just speaking to your colleagues or people you meet? People don’t realise that the human voice is one of the most powerful tools they have when making a good impression.

Why do we think some people have voices we could ‘listen to all day long’, yet others are like nails down a blackboard?

About Me

Drawing on her years of experience as a presenter, voiceover and events host, Emma can help coach you to speak better, articulate more, understand volume control, pacing, tonality and to have a voice that people would want to listen to and that keeps their attention.

She can also help public speakers be more confident on stage, how to be engaging and entertaining, how to ‘read the room’ and keep the attention of the audience
About Me

Do you have a job where you need to be on camera, but are lacking in confidence? Let Emma teach you how to present to the camera, how to act natural and deliver information in a fun and entertaining way that’ll keep your audience glued to their screen.

Or if you just need help being more confident in your daily life, Emma has some tips and tricks up her sleeve that can assist you to become better at interacting with others.

Get in touch for personal one on one sessions, packages, group or corporate coaching.

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